Saturday, February 19, 2005

camel toe

don't feel like I have a lot to say tonight... I'm not sure why that is.

Today we went to Brian's mom's house for a while, I made them an apple pie, and then we came back to Mom and Dad's because Brian was going to make dinner. Except it seems that no one remembered that Brian was going to make dinner, so things got tense, because I think Brian felt like we could have just stayed at his mom's house and had dinner there. There is always this tension present when we are in Cincinnati, because we stay with my parents, and therefore we see them more than Brian's family. I Spy Camel Toe So when we miss an opportunity to get in some quality time with his family, this always comes up. Suddenly I felt again like I did in New York... something about the tension that I felt was very familiar.

I got some good tips on how to update this blog template... I plan to try it out sometime when I can use my dad's computer and the high speed connection... and get some Catherine-free time... so in other words, it might be a while before the look of this blog changes...